Jim Maynard (1941 –  )

Sport: Bowling
Position: Coach, Administrator
Year of Induction: 2015


Jim Maynard’s first love was hockey, but in 1976 his daughter started bowling in a youth 5-pin league and Jim became involved. Over 40 years later, he is still at it.

Career Highlights
  • Beginning in 1976 – has been involved in youth 5-pin bowling at the local, provincial, and national levels for over 40 years
  • Started out as scorekeeper, then became a coach, a supervisor, and for over 30 years has been program director for kids from 3 years old up to 19 years of age
  • With help from other volunteers, runs the league and tournaments, orders trophies and crests, raises money, and makes sure that the results are published in the paper
  • Number wise, the program has maintained an enrollment of over 200 kids per year over the last 20 years – at its peak in the late 1990’s there were over 300 kids involved making it the 2nd largest 5-pin program in Ontario.


Has taken a countless number of teams to Provincial Finals over the years and 5 teams and 1 individual have advanced to National Finals

  • 1993 – Bantam Girls Team
  • 2005 – Junior Boys Team, Junior Boys Single
  • 2006 – Junior Girls Team
  • 2007 – Junior Girls Team

Awards & Recognitions

  • 1989-90 – named “Program Director of the Year” by the National Youth Bowling Council
  • 1995 – received Sertoma Club Service to Mankind Award
  • At Bowlerama Head Office in Toronto, received “Variety Club Award” for recognition in helping handicapped kids
  • 2010 – received “Distinguished Service Award” from Bowling Proprietors of Ontario

Jim continues to spend weekends at Chatham Bowlerama and a couple of other days a week doing the jobs necessary for the program to run successfully. He prides himself on the fact that he has always done it for the kids and not for himself.