Harold Gillies (1941 – )

Sport: Basketball, Football
Position: Official, Administrator
Year of Induction: 2001


This dedicated referee, umpire, judge, and administrator was involved in hockey, baseball, track and field, slo-pitch, football, and basketball. Since 1960, Harold has officiated at least one sport a year for over forty consecutive years. As an administrator, he has served on the executives for high school sports, Maple City Country Club, and the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame.

Career Highlights
  • 1960-72 – refereed Chatham Minor Hockey houseleague games
  • 1970-75 & 1986-88 – umpired Chatham Minor Baseball houseleague and travel team games
  • 1983 to present – has judged field events for Kent County and SWOSSAA track and field meets
  • 1997-2000 – umpired Chatham Adult Slo-pitch games
  • 1968-2005 – for over 30 years, has refereed high school football games and has been assignor of officials for 12 of those years
    Officiated in 25 Kent and 12 SWOSSAA championship games
  • 1977-2010 – for over 30 years, has refereed high school basketball games and has been assignor/evaluator of officials for 14 of those years
    Officiated in many Kent and SWOSSAA championship games – officiated in 4 OFSSAA championship basketball tournaments at all levels
  • 1985, 1993, & 1996, was assignor/evaluator for 3 OFSSAA basketball tournaments 
  • 2000 – was chairman of Organizing Committee for OFSSAA “AA” girls basketball tournament held in Chatham
  • 1985-90 – was on executive of SWOSSAA – 1985-89 served as vice-president and 1989-90 served as president
  • 1996-2004 – was member of Board of Directors for Maple City Country Club
  • 1998 – was chairman of Membership Committee
  • 1999 – was president of MCCC
  • 2001 – was chairman of Greens Committee
  • 1998-99 – was vice-chairman of Organizing Committee and chairman of Communications/Media Committee for 1999 Canadian Junior Boys Golf Championship held at Maple City Country Club
  • 1998 to present – has been member of Board of Directors of Chatham Sports Hall of Fame and is currently Chairman of the Board
  • 2000 – received OFSSAA “Pete Beech Award” in recognition of contributions to high school athletics at local, SWOSSAA, and provincial levels