1997 Sun-Out Diamonds Sr. Baseball

Sport: Baseball
Level: Senior
Year of Induction: 2009

Sunout Diamonds
Front Row: Bill Twigg (head coach), Jeff Stead, Kelly Beausejour, Jeremy McGowan, Steve Donald (co-captain), Willie Parker Middle Row: Bill Flavell, Brad Twigg, Trevor Langstaff, Gary Roberts, Lenny Parker (mascot), Terry Oulds (co-captain), Chris Bushey, Joey Wright (bat boy), Buddy Wright (assistant coach) Back Row: Darren Smith, Jason Chickowski, Ron Day, Mike Crumb, Bob Bush, Andy Johnston, Bill Atkinson, Jeff Stephenson Absent: Jeff Laidlaw, Shane Quinn, Jeff Michaels
1997 Diamonds Sr. Baseball Team Induction into the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame, 2009
Front Row: Bill Flavell, Terry Oulds, Brad Twigg, Kelly Beausejour, Bill Twigg (manager), Buddy Wright (manager), Lenny Parker (trainer), Gary Roberts Back Row: Trevor Langstaff, Mark Britton, Bill Atkinson, Bob Bush, Ron Day, Darren Smith, Jason Chickowski, Jeff Stevenson, Jeff Laidlaw, Steve Donald
Team Highlights

The 1997 Diamonds ranged from age 18 to age 40 but came together as a team and had an incredibly successful year. For the 5th consecutive year they won the Western Counties Championship with an overall record of 29-1. They won the prestigious Whitby tournament with 4 straight wins, 3 of which were over teams from the strong Metro Toronto League. They won the Ontario Elimination Tournament in Windsor beating East York 6-4 in the semi-finals and Windsor Stars 5-1 in the finals to qualify for the Canadian Senior Baseball Championships in Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland.

The Diamonds picked up 2 players from North York, but were basically a team of Kent County products. They went 3 and 2 in the round-robin to end up second and advance to the Gold Medal Game against Red Deer (Alberta) Riggers who had beaten the Diamonds 13-6 in their opening round-robin game. In a back-and-forth championship game Chatham lost to Red Deer 5-4 to settle for 2nd place and a Silver Medal. Bill Flavell was named top hitter in the tournament, Trevor Langstaff was top fielder, and Steve Donald and Gary Roberts were named to the All-star team.