1983-84 & 1984-85 Maple City Ice Crystals

Sport: Precision Skating
Year of Induction: 2011

1983-84 Maple City Ice Crystals
Back Row: Rhonda Rennie, Elizabeth Kominek, Christine Thievens, Delynn Riddell, Alleta Brodie, Crystal Robbins Middle Row: Fiona Scade, Barbara Perkins, Anita Carriere, Janice VanRoboys, Jacquelyn DeNure, Heather VanRoboys, Cherie Anakin, Esther Polacek (Coach) Front Row: Krista Dixon, Jennifer Arnold, Lisa Devos, Danielle DeNure, Kelly Scarlett, Cheryl McDonnell, LeeAnn Webster, Chantelle Newman
1984-85 Maple City Ice Crystals
Back Row: Marnie Perkins (Manager), Barbara Perkins, Fiona Scade, Rhonda Rennie, Elizabeth Kominek, Christine Thievens, Delynn Ridell, Alleta Brodie, Paula Stefina, Janice VanRoboys, Cherie Anakin, Heather VanRoboys, Esther Polacek (Coach), Front Row: Chantelle Newman, Cheryl McDonnell, Kelly Scarlett, Crystal Robbins, Anita Carriere, Jacquelyn DeNure, Danielle DeNure, Lisa Devos, Jennifer Arnold, Krista Dixon (absent Michelle Campbell)
1983-84 & 1984-85 Ice Crystals Induction into the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame, 2011
Front Row: Barb (Perkins) Baker, Jen (Arnold) Wright, Lisa (Devos) Stewart, Cheryl (McDonnell) Herder, Kelly (Scarlett) Boegel, Danielle (Denure) Chinnery, LeeAnn (Webster) Woodcock, Middle Row: Krista (Dixon) Goodwin, Janice (VanRoboys) Padbury, Chantelle (Newman) Dziver, Heather (VanRoboys) Lehman, Cherie (Anakin) Alexander, Esther (Polacek) Bordenuk (coach) Back Row: Jacquelyn (Denure) McGlynn, Christine (Thievens) deNijs, Delynn (Riddell) O’Sullivan, Rhonda (Rennie) Negri, Fiona Scade, Alleta (Brodie) Schiller, Crystal Robbins
Team Highlights

Until the 1983-84 season, the Maple City Ice Crystals Juniors had very limited success. However, that year under the coaching of Esther Polacek, they had a breakthrough season. They won medals in every competition they entered and ended up with the Canadian National Bronze Medal at their very first national event. In that year, they won Gold Medals at the Mid American Precision Skating Championships, as well as competitions in Syracuse, New York and Bowling Green, Ohio. In addition, they won 4 Bronze Medals in their other events. At the Mid American Precision Championships, there was a friendship trophy named after the Ice Crystals to commend the team for their good sportsmanship.

In 1984-85, they won Bronze Medals at the Western Ontario Championships, the Central Canadian Championships, and at the Nationals for the second consecutive year. Also that year, they won Gold Medals at the Mid American Championships and the Bowling Green competition. In total, over the 2 years, the team won 13 medals in 13 competitions.