Bursaries for Contribution to Athletics

Since the school year of 2003-2004, the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame has sponsored a $300.00 bursary which is given annually to a graduating student in each of Chatham’s four high schools Chatham Christian High School, Chatham-Kent Secondary School, John McGregor Secondary School, and Ursuline College “The Pines”.

The bursary is awarded to a graduating student who has contributed to the betterment of their school’s athletics in a non-playing capacity. The award acknowledges a student who has unselfishly given their time performing one or more of the following duties: coaching, managing, scorekeeping, fundraising, serving on the athletic society, or any other such service to the athletic program.

The bursary winner is chosen by the school’s athletic program leader in consultation with other teacher/coaches.

The bursary is presented at the school’s annual athletic banquet or commencement ceremony.

Bursary Winners

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High School Tournaments

The Chatham Sports Hall of Fame currently sponsors two high school sports tournaments which are hosted by Chatham-Kent Secondary School.

The boys Blue and White Basketball Tournament is held in early December each year and the girls Invitational Volleyball Tournament is held in February.

In 1968, the Chatham Jaycees began the Blue and White Tournament for boys and continued as sponsor for the next 36 years. In 2004, when the Jaycees ceased to exist in Chatham, the Hall of Fame became involved and has been the sponsor ever since. In 2018, the tournament celebrated its 50 th consecutive year of competition. It is believed that the Blue and White is the longest running high school basketball tournament in Ontario, if not all of Canada.

In 1978, the Jaycees began the Pink and White Basketball Tournament for girls and continued as its sponsor for the next twenty-five years. In 2004, the Hall of Fame took over as tournament sponsor when the Jaycees disbanded. In 2018, when the girls basketball team at the school could not continue to host the tournament, the Hall of Fame began sponsoring the CKSS Girls Invitational Volleyball Tournament. Because of the success of the volleyball program at CKSS, this tournament attracts some of the top teams in Ontario.

As part of its sponsorship, the Hall contributes financially to both tournaments, helping to pay for the awards for the winning teams and for individual all-star selections. In addition, members of the Board of Directors are present at all games and take an active part at the closing awards ceremony.

Blue and White Basketball Tournament List of Champions

1968ChathamJohn McGregor S.S.Jaycees begin Sponsorship of 8 team Tourney
1969ChathamJohn McGregor S.S.
1970WindsorCentennial S.S.
1971ChathamJohn McGregor S.S.
1972ChathamJohn McGregor S.S.
1973TillsonburgGlendale H.S.
1974TillsonburgGlendale H.S.
1975no tournament held
1976WindsorW. D. Lowe S.S.
1977WindsorF. J. Brennan C.H.S.
1978TorontoNorth Albion C.I.
1979TorontoNorth Albion C.I.
1980KitchenerCameron Heights C.I.
1981TorontoJarvis C.I.
1982TorontoJarvis C.I.
1983TorontoRunnymede C.I.
1984TorontoRunnymede C.I.
1985TillsonburgGlendale H.S.
1986TillsonburgGlendale H.S.
1987ChathamChatham-Kent S.S.
1988WindsorF. J. Brennan C.H.S.
1989ChathamChatham Collegiate I.
1990ChathamChatham-Kent S.S.
1991ChathamChatham-Kent S.S.
1992WindsorF. J. Brennan C.H.S.
1993ChathamJohn McGregor S.S.
1994DelhiDelhi D.S.S.
1995DelhiDelhi D.S.S
1996ChathamChatham-Kent S.S.
1997RidgetownRidgetown D.H.S.
1998TecumsehSt. Anne C.H.S.
1999ChathamJohn McGregor S.S.
2000ChathamJohn McGregor S.S.
2001St. ThomasSt. Joseph C.H.S.
2002ChathamUrsuline College C.S.S.
2003ChathamUrsuline College C.S.S.
2004ChathamUrsuline College C.S.S.SHoF continue sponsorship of 8 team tourney
2005ChathamJohn McGregor S.S.
2006LaSalleSandwich S.S.
2007ChathamJohn McGregor S.S.
2008WindsorJ.L. Forster S.S.SHoF begin sponsorhip of 16 team tourney
2009LondonSt. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S.
2010WindsorW.F. Herman C.I.
2011WindsorJ.L. Forster S.S.
2012LondonSt. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S.
2013ChathamUrsuline College C.S.S.
2014SarniaSt. Patrick's C.H.S.
2015Tillsonburg Glendale H.S.
2016WindsorHoly Names C.H.S.
2017WindsorHoly Names C.H.S
2018WindsorHoly Names C.H.S
2019WindsorW.F. Herman Academy S.S.


YearCity School 
2019LondonSaunders S.S.Sports Hall of Fame begins sponsorship of 18 team Sr. Girls Volleyball Tournament
2020AmhersturgGeneral Amherst H.S.