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  • Keith Crummer, in 1929 at the Kent Secondary Schools Championships, won 6 first place ribbons.
  • Lloyd Davidson, from1974 to 1979, served as Chairman of the Ontario Hockey Council;  recommend rule changes and to investigate what, if anything, was wrong with minor hockey.
  • Smoke Reynolds, in 1962, received the OHA's highest award, the "Gold Stick", for meritorious service.
  • Sandra Tewkesbury, in 1957, won the senior ladies' title at the Western Ontario Sectional Championships qualifying for the Canadian Championships for the first time.
  • Joe Zimmer represented the OBA on the Canadian Federation of Baseball from 1972 to 1976.
  • Bill Atkinson, in 1977, pitched in 55 games all in relief for the Montreal Expos.
  • Ches Dawson, in 1933 at the age 19, was runner-up in the first flight of the Ontario Amateur Golf Championship.
  • Archie Stirling was a city alderman for 12 years and mayor of Chatham for 1 term.
  • Doug Melvin, while in high school, was a 3-time all star in the Jaycee Blue and White Basketball Tournament.
  • Don Gillett, in addition to a perfect 300 game in 1962, bowled a 299 game in 1961.
  • Casey Maynard was the bantam baseball house league conveyor for 20 consecutive years.
  • Karrie Williams was the first Kent County female athlete to receive a scholarship in a team sport from an American university.
  • Flat Chase was the winning pitcher in the last 2 games when the Colored All Stars won the 1934 OBA Intermediate "B" Championship.
  • Harold Gillies officiated in 4 OFSAA championship basketball tournaments.
  • Richard Doey, while at university, was on the Canadian Champion Men's 4 team for 3 consecutive years.
  • George Aitken, in 1961-62, led the Maroons in scoring and was second in the league with 32 goals and 29 assists.
  • Larry Lahey, in 1974-75, was the first Kent County coach to win an OFSAA Basketball Championship.
  • David Seton, from 1951 to 1965, represented the Chatham and District Soccer Association at the Ontario Soccer Association annual meetings.
  • The Elliot Racing Team, from 1969 to 1971 set 9 NHRA National records.
  • The 49-50 Maroons had about 2500 fans go to Detroit to see them play the first IAHL semi-final game.
  • Doug Allin, in 3 years as juvenile coach, 1969-71, led them to 2 OBA championships and 1 runner-up.
  • Boomer Harding, in 1988, was one of only 18 Canadians to receive an Olympic Gold Achievement Medal in honour of his "Fifty-five Years of Sports Achievement".
  • Herb Wakabayashi, after university, went to Japan to play hockey and ultimately played in 3 Olympics.
  • John McKay was posthumously inducted into the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1998.
  • Arthur Pelky, at one time, was trained by former World Champion Tommy Burns, also a Canadian.
  • The 1953 Bantam Team in OBA play downs competed against cities of all sizes since the OBA had not yet implemented a classification system based on the size of communities.
  • Ross Babcock, from 1950 to 1955, spearheaded the operations of both the newly formed minor baseball and minor hockey organizations.
  • Dave Gagner, in 1983-84, represented Canada at the World Junior Championships and the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo.
  • Don Hinnegan, in 1927-28 at age 17 and still in high school, played for the original Senior Maroons.
  • Max Lenover, during his career at Loyal University won every dual competition he entered, winning 90 first place medals.
  • Copper Leyte, from 1951 to 1953, played for the Quebec Aces senior team along with Jean Beliveau.
  • The 1937-38 Maroons was the first Chatham team to win an OHA championship.