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"Mr. Baseball" passed away in 1975 

1934 Colored All Stars Baseball Team
1937-38 SR. Maroons
1949-50 St.Clair Maroons
1953 BR.431 Bantam Baseball All Stars
1956 BR 431 Bantam Baseball All Stars
1958-59 Rotary JUV. Hockey
1959-60 Senior Maroons
1969-71 S. Elliott Perf Racing
1973 Kinsmen Pee Wee Baseball Team
1974-75 JMSS Boys Basketball Team
1977-78 Chatham Royals Inter. "C" Hockey
1979 Huron & Erie Beverages Midgets
1983-84 & 1984-85 Maple City Jr.Ice Crystals
1985 Chatham Juvenile Baseball Team
1985-86 JMSS Girls Basketball Team
1986-87 BR28 Bantams Team
1989-90 CKSS Boys ""AA" Volleyballl Team
1992-93 JMSS Girls Basketball Team
1997 Sun-Out Diamonds Sr. Baseball Team
1998-99 JR.Maroons
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Birth Date: 1889
From: Chatham, Ontario

Category - Builder

Born in 1889 in Chatham, Archie passed away in 1975 after a lifetime commitment of service to sports and to his community. Affectionately called "Mr. Baseball" due to his involvement in that sport; called "Mr. Chatham" for his work in city government and other agencies.

  • 1920
    • Started the Stirling-Imperial Athletic Association; consequently began the first playground in Chatham.  There were many firsts in Chatham that Archie Sterling is responsible for;  built the first swimming pool in Chatham; formed the first minor baseball league in Chatham; expanded minor baseball to other nearby communities that would eventually form the Western Counties Baseball Association.  The Association is still strong after 70 years.  He founded, provided uniforms for, and became treasurer of the Stirling Imperials Hockey team which soon became the very popular Chatham Maroons.
  • 1930
    • Mr. Stirling initiated fundraisers to build the Orville Wright pool and bath house; organized a senior baseball team with major leaguer Billy Rogell; he recruited professional players to come to Chatham to play before thousands of fans; developed umpires for the Ontario Baseball Association in southwestern Ontario.  Mr. Stirling promoted Maroon popularity by giving out free refreshments; conducted baseball clinics through the famous Connie Mack of the Philadelphia Athletics 1940's & 50's.   He  became very active in the provincial operation of baseball by establishing a sound financial base for the OBA.  He later was elected president of the OBA  and  made an honorary life member of the OBA
    • He incorporated umpires under the jurisdiction of the OBA Lifetime.  He is affectionately called "Mr. Baseball" due to his involvement in that sport ; called "Mr. Chatham' 'for his dedication in city government and other agencies.
    • Mr. Stirling was mayor of Chatham for one term, city alderman for 12 years, and served on numerous service club executives and provincial boards.  He never failed to promote youth sporting activities and to advance the organizations that he helped to form.
  • 1975
    • Died in Chatham, Ontario at the age of 86
Inducted into Chatham Sports Hall of Fame 1999