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In the 2003-2004 school year, the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame began to sponsor a financial bursary to be given to a graduating student at each of Chatham's four high schools namely: 

  • Chatham Christian High School
  • Chatham-Kent Secondary School 
  • John McGregor Secondary School 
  • Ursuline College 

This bursary is awarded annually to a graduating student who has contributed significantly to the betterment of athletics in his/her school in a non-playing capacity. The award acknowledges a graduate who has unselfishly given his/her time performing one or more of the following duties: coaching, managing, scorekeeping, fundraising, serving on athletic society, or any other such service to the athletic program.

The bursary winner is chosen by the school's athletic program leader in consultation with other teachers and coaches.

The bursary is presented at the school's annual athletic banquet or commencement ceremony.

The Chatham Sports Hall of Fame forwards the bursary money to each of the schools in early May of each year.



Bursary Winners

2004 Kelly Vanderende Chatham Christian High School
  Katie Poredos Chatham-Kent Secondary
  Laura Thompson John McGregor Secondary
  Nick Stokley Ursuline College
2005 Jessica Wolting Chatham Christian High School
  Elizabeth Potter Chatham-Kent Secondary
  Mallory McGregor John McGregor Secondary
  Meghan Swift Ursuline College
2006 Eric DeBoer Chatham Christian High School
  Stephanie Johnson Chatham-Kent Secondary
  Terri Schneider John McGregor Secondary
  Lindsay McCabe Ursuline College
2007 Kim VanderEnge Chatham Christian High School
  Paige McDowell Chatham-Kent Secondary
  Rachel Guerin John McGregor Secondary
  Steve McCrae Ursuline College
2008 Phil Nynwening Chatham Christian High School
  Ryan Hamm Chatham-Kent Secondary 
  Darren Ebere John McGregor Secondary
  Meghan Freeburn Ursuline College
2009 Emily Guerin John McGregor Secondary
  Laura Finley Ursuline College 
  Kaanesh Gosh Chatham-Kent Secondary
  Kristen Nynwening Chatham Christian High School
2010 Cody St. Pierre John McGregor Secondary
  Isaac Bokma Chatham Christian High School
  Kassie Chandler Chatham-Kent Secondary
  Kristy Scaman Ursuline College 
2011 Patricia Verbeek Chatham Christian High School
  Samantha Cormier Chatham-Kent Secondary
  Trey Wilson John McGregor Secondary
  Jamie Freeburn Ursuline College 
2012 Kevin Grootenboer Chatham Christian High School
  Hope Olexa Chatham-Kent Secondary School
  David Eitutis John McGregor Secondary School
  Sara Meidlinger Ursuline College
2013 Josh Norg Chatham Christian High School
  Brittany Poirier Chatham-Kent Secondary School
  Sarah Carleton John McGregor Secondary School
  Julie Schinkel Ursuline College
2014 Rachel Hoekstra Chatham Christian High School
  Kennedy Bechard Chatham-Kent Secondary
  Josh Reding John McGregor Secondary
  Megan Muir Ursuline College
2015 Alex Sluys Chatham Christian High School
  Julie Earle Chatham-Kent Secondary School
  Raquelle Derynck John McGregor Secondary School
  Maureen Latimer Ursuline College