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History Recaptured

The CsHOF is very pleased to announce the availability of close to 200 DVD's depicting various sporting events from 1983-2003. LINK to inventory list.

2016 Sports Inductees








Welcome ..

The Chatham Sports Hall of Fame was created to honour the members of the community for their contribution to sport and to preserve the history of sport in the community. We strive to ENGAGE our citizenry and those beyond our borders about the significant accomplishments of our native sons and daughters. We need to INFORM the public about the process that recognizes our athletes and builders and co-incidentally stimulates awareness of sport. It is our mission to INSPIRE our youth to attain the heights of accomplishments that they have the opportunity to review and witness within our Hall. Herein you find amazing stories such as ᠬocal banker who sat on the Board of Skate Canada and years ago developed the financial aid system that put Canada on equal footing with communist countriesﲠ the story of the only Canadian voted into the revered Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York ﲠof the Chatham bobsledder who bolted past security soldiers in Russia to meet his scheduled time and win a gold medal for Canada and on it goese present these people with pride. Enjoy the journey.

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